Fully integrated Customer App

No Upfront Fees

Use Any Browser

Use Your Own Hardware.


To get what your desire for your business, give those who patronize your business what they desire first.

Kustomer Keeper App

Putting you first

Imagine your customers having your Kustom App and placing orders from their phones DIRECTLY to your mPOS system. How would a double-digit increase in orders improve your bottom line?

EVERY new customer is automatically enrolled in your Loyalty Program the minute they sign up using your app.

Encourage your customers, through valuable rewards programs to patronize you first, and to tell their friends WHY they come to you.

Do you want to get paid for using your mPOS system?  Do you want to turn costs to profits? Contact us today. Start increasing your profits NOW!!

The Power of Simplicity

Your staff will love the power and simplicity of Kustomer Keeper. They can use their own smartphones to take orders, send those orders to the Kitchen or Bar, and accept payments from guests right at the table. Guests are prompted for a tip and a simple tap enters the tip. Button placement encourages maximum tipping.